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How Do You Choose the REALTOR(r) You Use?

April 19th, 2009 No comments

Imperial Valley Real Estate – How Do You Choose the REALTOR You Use?

I have been thinking about this question over the last several months as the variety of calls and emails I receive on a daily basis ask me questions about properties for sale, making offers, or seeing homes listed whether they find them on, the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or my website.

Here’s a video I shot talking about this same question. You can view it below:

How Do You Choose the REALTOR(r) You Use?

As I engage the caller or email with questions regarding their real estate housing needs, I always ask one simple question during our discussion. “Are you working with a real estate agent?” As you can imagine, some people will tell me “yes” they’re working with someone while others indicate they’re not working with anyone in particular.

Out of the callers who are working with an other agent, I am surprised by the questions I am asked. For example, some people ask “if I can show them a house” or “if I can provide more information about a home”. Out of respect for their relationship with their agent, my comments are the same, “sure I can answer your questions, however your agent should be the one to answer those or take care of these things for you”. Generally our conversation ends shortly after these comments where I leave an open-ended invitation to call back if their questions or home buying needs are not satisfied.

I’m one who believes the consumer has a CHOICE in who will represent them in buying a home, which is more than likely the largest financial purchase of their lives, yet if a caller has indicated they’re working with someone, I respect their decision to work with that agent and refer them back to their agent to address those matters. A few times I have heard some incredible stories about agents (no names mentioned here) and the caller simpy ends up telling me they have no relationship with the agent and they’re looking to buy a home and need assistance.

How do you choose who you use? Do you choose an agent based on a recommendation of family, friends, or coworkers? Do you select an agent based on their advertising? How about their designations such as GRI, ABR, CRB, CRS or a host of other acronyms available. Do you choose the agent because their name and number are listed on a yard sign in front of a home?

I would like to hear your comments, good, bad, or ugly and don’t be shy, I want to know how you feel about choosing a REALTOR(r), what you like best about them, or what you hate about them. How they helped you or how they didn’t help you at all.

Comment down below and let me know. Thanks!