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OCTO-REALTOR helps Imperial Valley

March 31st, 2009 No comments

Your OCTO-REALTOR is here to assist you in the Imperial Valley with his arms ready to help you accomplish your home buying, home selling, or loan modification goals. 

Here is what OCTO-REALTOR can do to help you:

1) Represent home Sellers who owe more than their home is worth, OCTO-REALTOR will help you negotiate a SHORT SALE.  The Short Sale will help protect and preserve your credit history and credit report!

2) Represent home Owners who want to keep their home, OCTO-REALTOR will help you with a LOAN MODIFICATION.  Do you live in the home you need lower monthly payments?  Do you have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)?  Do you have two mortgages?  Do you have a Balloon loan that is coming due?  A LOAN MODIFICATION will help you lower your monthly payment and stabilize your interest rate. 

3) Represents home Buyers who are looking for a good deal on foreclosures, bank owned, REO, and short sale real estate, OCTO-REALTOR will help you find your dream HOME.  Did you get passed by when the housing boom sent prices through the roof?  Were you left wondering how your neighbor was able to afford the big house and the fancy cars?  I can help you find the right home at the right price and buy it with a long term fixed rate mortgage to keep your monthly payments low.  Prices are LOW and Mortgage rates are LOW…Obama says “buy a car”, your OCTO-REALTOR says ”buy a HOME“!

4) Represent home Sellers who have equity in their home, OCTO-REALTOR can help you put a plan together to get the most for your home sale dollar in today’s market by making subtle changes to your home.  You don’t need to compete with the foreclosures, bank owned, REO, or short sale properties to sell in today’s market, simply make your home attractive to buyers who want “move-in-ready” for a Market Sale.

5) Represents First Time Home Buyers, OCTO-REALTOR will help guide you through each step of the home buying process.  Your OCTO-REALTOR has an extensive mortgage financing background and can help you review home financing options to fit your finances and budget.

6) Represents Investor Buyers, OCTO-REALTOR will help you find properties that make good rental prospects and provide assistance with cash-flow analysis.  Need property management?  No problem, your OCTO-REALTOR works with the best property managers in Imperial Valley. 

7) Assists future home buyers improve their credit history, OCTO-REALTOR has relationships and works with credit and collection attorney’s to help clients improve their credit histories on their terms.  Plans for credit history improvement vary based upon the items found on the credit report, however average FICO score increases are as much as 70 points or more in 60 days.

8) Your OCTO-REALTOR is Tech Friendly and SavvyOCTO-REALTOR uses cutting edge technology to help home buyers see homes through real time video, not just a slide show set to music or still pictures.  OCTO-REALTOR is in tune with the Housing Market as your OCTO-REALTOR analyzes and shows dozens of homes a week.  Your OCTO-REALTOR is in tune with the internet market by writing timely articles, blog posts, and provides informative real estate content to local news sites, news papers, and internet blogs covering everything about Imperial Valley real estate. 

No other real estate agent even comes close… 

If you are looking to BUY a home or SELL a home in Imperial Valley, don’t hesitate to CONTACT your OCTO-REALTOR today. 

If you are concerned about your mortgage payments rising, talk to me about a LOAN MODIFICATION.

Also, if you know OTHERS who would like to BUY, SELL, or MODIFY please keep the OCTO-REALTOR information handy and pass this article along. 

You can reach the OCTO-REALTOR at or simply go to for a current list of homes for sale.  These homes may be foreclosures, bank owned, REO, short sale, or a regular market sale, and many homes provide a tremendous real estate opportunity.

Comments?  Please let OCTO-REALTOR know how he can help you! 

Thank you,

Housing Sales Improve? Not Quite…

March 28th, 2009 No comments

The following is an excerpt from my favorite macro-analyst, John Mauldin and the except is from his weekend edition of “Thoughts From The Frontline” weekly newsletter. 

As I have eluded to in the past, housing sales data appears to be improving in the Imperial Valley real estate and while our volumes in terms of sales pale in comparison to larger metropolitan areas, our unique Imperial County will continue to be a great place to raise a family and live a life away from the noise of the larger cities, even those with more sales data.

Housing Sales Improve? Not Hardly

by John Mauldin
I opened the Wall Street Journal and read that new home sales were up in February. Bloomberg reported that sales were “unexpectedly” up by 4.7%. I was intrigued, so I went to the data. As it turns out, sales were down 41% year over year, but up slightly from January.

But if you look at the data series, there was nothing unexpected about it. For years on end, February sales are up over January. It seems we like to buy homes in the spring and summer and then sales fall off in the fall and winter. It is a very seasonal thing. If you use the seasonally adjusted numbers, you find sales were down 2.9% instead of up 4.7%. But the media reports the positive number. Interestingly, they report the seasonally adjusted numbers for initial claims, which have been a lot better than the actual numbers. Not that they are looking to just report positive news, you understand.

Plus, as my friend Barry Ritholtz points out, the 4.7% rise was “plus or minus 18.3%”. That means sales could have risen as much as 23% or dropped 13%. We won’t know for awhile until we get real numbers and not estimates. Hanging your outlook for the economy or the housing market on one-month estimates is an exercise in futility, and could come back to embarrass you.

New One-Family Houses Sold in the U.S.

But that brings up my final point tonight, and that is how data gets revised by the various government agencies. Typically with these government statistics, you get a preliminary number, which is a guess based on past trends, and then as time goes along that data is revised. In recessions like we are in now the revisions are almost always negative.

There is no conspiracy here. The people who work in the government offices have to create a model to make estimates. Each data series, whether new home sales, employment, or durable goods sales, etc., has its own unique sets of characteristics. The estimates are based on past historical performance. There is really no other way to do it.

So, past performance in a recession suggests higher estimates than what really happens. Then, the numbers in the following months are revised downward as actual numbers are obtained. But the estimates in the current months are still too high. That makes the comparisons generally favorable, at least for one month. And the media and the bulls leap all over the “data,” and some silly economist goes on TV or in the press and says something like, “This is a sign that things are stabilizing.” It drives me nuts.

Ignore month-to-month estimated data. The key thing to look for is the direction of the revisions. If they are down, as they have been for over a year, then that is a bad sign. Further, one month’s estimates are just noise. Look at the year-over-year numbers. When the direction of the revisions is positive and the year-over-year numbers are starting to stabilize, then we will know things are starting to turn around.

End of John Mauldin’s excerpt

Imperial Valley Housing Trends Due Out in April 2009

Sometime in mid-April 2009 I will be publishing numbers based on sales activity, housing units, foreclosure activity and other trend data that will show a 6-month perspective on real estate in the Imperial Valley. 

As I have noticed active listings wane from their peak heightened market inventory levels, as prices have dropped 50% and more in some areas, to banks and lenders finally pricing their troubled assets to sell within a reasonable time frame, optimism shines through like a bright sun over the Death Valley, however more great deals are ahead for patient and ready buyers who have their financing in place or cash to spend.

Hold on to your seats friends, its going to be one heckuva ride.

Comments?  Please do so below…thanks!

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